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Month: May 2017

Study suggests last-mile drone delivery could lower carbon footprint

 There’s always been talk about how drones could improve the emissions situation produced by our truck-based delivery infrastructure. But you have to look into these things. A new study from University of Washington researchers indicates that drone delivery may indeed lead to a lower carbon footprint — if it’s done properly. Read More Source:...

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Essential is trying to build Android for the smart home

 Andy Rubin’s appearance at the Code Conference last night went a ways toward answering some lingering questions about his new company, Essential. But the conversation primarily centered around the startup’s upcoming phone — Rubin left the dialogue around the company’s take on a smart phone hub, Home, intentionally vague. But the CEO did take the opportunity to… Read More Source:...

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With the KEYone, BlackBerry threads the needle on retro smartphone appeal

 But it’s weird not because it wasn’t designed in-house, and instead was handled by partner TCL; it’s weird because it’s strangely successful at pulling off an odd balancing act of combining modern functionality with the same kind of retro appeal Fujifilm has managed to infuse throughout their mirrorless camera lineup, with nostalgia for the earliest days of the… Read More Source:...

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The pleasure and the pain of the accessible smart home

 People like to point to 1989’s Back to the Future IIĀ as presciently showing technologies that exist today. Video conferencing, for example, was futuristic 28 years ago, but people FaceTime all the time nowadays. The film even predicted the Chicago Cubs would win a World Series, which (finally!) happened last season in seven games against Cleveland. Read More Source:...

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Tablo launches its next-gen DVR for cord cutters, the more compact Tablo DUAL

 Nuvyyo, the makers of the Tablo DVR for cord cutters who want to record free, over-the-air TV programming from their digital antennas, is today launching their next-generation device, the Tablo DUAL. As you might guess by the name, the new DVR supports two tuners, so you can record from two TV channels at the same time. The new hardware is also housed in a 20 percent smaller form factor than… Read More Source:...

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